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My peruvian food

Peru is a country of South America encompassing a large section of the Amazon forest and containing one of the oldest Inca cities on the heights of Los Andes. In addition, it owns a Sacred Valley, an Inca Trail from thousands of years ago, prestigious handicrafts and colonial treasures and the largest archaeological reserve on the continent who make their culture, tradition and essential history known. 

Likewise, this territory is the creator and predecessor of one of the best foods in the world, which speak and relate with their unique flavors and styles those characteristics of their country, the affection and dedication of their interpreters and the thousands of possibilities to enjoy the stay in Peru with every smell and bite.

This gastronomy is the set of special dishes and drinks Peru that are part of the common life and traditions of its inhabitants, the result of the fusion of the culinary tradition of the old city with European gastronomy and other entities that little by little were annexed to it.

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At the same time, this type of cuisine is one of the largest in the world and an example of this is fusion cuisine due to its long multicultural history, which is based on the mixture of the basic knowledge of ancient Peru with Hispanic cuisine in its strongest variant, the Andalusian presence and the contribution of the Atlantic coast of sub-Saharan Africa of the slaves when the discovery of the area occurred.

In the world, the original cuisine of Peru is the most varied ever, where, thanks to the book "57 ready to understand how we Peruvians are” are counted up to 491 typical dishes. Along the Peruvian coast there are 2500 different types of soups, as well as more than 250 traditional desserts and 70 natural drinks along with liquor preparations. But, you will wonder why these quantities of dishes exist? And the answer is thanks to the peculiar geography of the country from hand to hand cultural mix and the adaptation of other ancient eruditions to modern cuisine.

Each plate contains delicate flavors, some more linked to the sector where they were created, such as the taste of tue, the salt of the beaches and even the intense color and smell of everything that the radiant sun covers. In the case of mountains, cold and less intense flavors delight accompanied by flowers, leaves and other components that revive the freshness and tranquility of nature. And instead, in his central zone, which is the one that is surrounded by buildings, cultural movements and a more ecliptic environment, the food with futuristic and incredible airs dazzles in textures, contradictions and even complexity in shapes and colors.

However, all this is not far from being able to be tasted, since foreign media give the opportunity to know and eat traditional dishes and of national demand inside and outside of Peru for different branches or international restaurants, which allows locals, visitors and foreigners, to taste, know and remember the magnificent flavor of this great land.

In the same way, informative pages, media and social networks, as well as audiovisual materials located on networks and public digital banners are always available showing the preparations and warning that everything that can be created will be a necessary excuse to revisit them and continue creating.

In this context and so that you get the way to admire, prepare and share these dishes, drinks, desserts, soups, dry. Liquors and shakes, myperuvianfood offers you an extensive recipe list, preparations and indications so that you can taste the delicacy and exquisiteness that the flavors of Peru get for you.

This is one Internet page specialized in the exhibition of wide and certified material of different recipes, all structured correctly so that you do not need to be a great cook to reach the level of execution of the popular chefs of Peru. However, delve a little deeper into this writing and discover the options and benefits that with myperuvianfood you will reach

content catalog

As previously taught, myperuvianfood it is presented as a online interface filled multiple preparations of the emblematic, traditional and most renowned dishes of Peru; as well as that eccentric, daring, ancient, modern and even contemporary food that the entire city has offered us and that many have evolved to enchant and dazzle us in the present.

This page has a search engine that contains a large content catalog. In this case, it will be observed preparations, recipes, step by step instructions, as well as a brief account of the history and some curious facts of various dishes that are distributed according to the place of preparation and traditions.

In the following way, the page content and its distribution:

  • Salads
  • Seconds
  • Soups
  • Desserts
  • Beverages
  • cocktails
  • Cooked
  • Grill
  • Girls

In addition, it provides a personal search engine where you can enter to search different lines in the following kitchen categories:

  • new andean

This is a very recent kitchen style in  Peru since it takes recipes from the prehispanic past to recreate them, rescuing and valuing the country's native ingredients. Here come native foods such as tarwi, chuño, quinoa, kiwicha, moraya, cochayuyo, maca, coca and goose.

  • Sino-Cantonese immigration

In this type of cuisine, the search engine throws all those dishes where the rice be the companion or indeed, be the main ingredient. Thanks to the Cantonese Chinese Immigration, the flavors originating from Asia merged and caused other recipes that are presented within the Web page as totally from Peru but with roots and intervention from other countries on a small scale.

  • Marina

The wealth of fish in the fauna of Peru, they are huge, so the cuisine has adapted to these natural treasures. Among this type are chupe varieties, such as ceviche, chalaca-style mussels, tiradios and seco.

  • Creole

Creole food has as its initial period the nineteenth century and it is a variety native to the coastal cities at the time of the Viceroyalty of Peru. Here is exposed all the food between the century XNUMXth and XNUMXth along with techniques, history and special utensils.

  • Andean

In this upper part of the country, as is the Andes, the diet is based on potatoes, corn and vegetables hand in hand with the introduction of rice, bread and pasta and meats such as lama, alpaca and wild animals. Based on these ingredients is that the recipes that the page throws to the consumer are formulated 

  • From the jungle

all food with dressing, sauces and liquids It corresponds to the dishes of the jungle, which accompanies dry and roughly cooked vegetables or without much precision.

  • Liqueurs

In this option enter the different cocktails and alcoholic drinks. As well as all the preparations that involve solids with wine or other fermented products.

Ingredients to get

Within the page you can search for your recipes based on the principal ingredient to use, which will express all the available formulas of this star product.

Those Ones most wanted ingredients and used are presented shortly, so you have an idea of ​​what to look for, adapted to what is commonly used for Peruvian preparations.

  • Pope
  • Sweet potato
  • Chili pepper
  • Tomato
  • Dry fruits
  • Custard apple
  • Lucuma
  • achiote
  • Fish, shellfish and crustaceans
  • Tarwi
  • Corn
  • Panela
  • Honey
  • Dulce de leche
  • guinea pig or guinea pigs
  • Sugar cane
  • Yucca
  • Cecina

star cymbals

All dishes originating in Peru are merely important for the local and international community, either because of its history, emblems or simply because of its unique and incomparable flavor.

However, there are some dishes that stand out with greater intensity for being heritage and tradition of the city. Some of these are found immersed within myperuvianfood and they are described with patience and punctuality; their titles are as follows:

  • Ceviche
  • Salted loin
  • Chili pepper
  • Filled tomatoes
  • Pachamanca
  • animated chicken rice
  • Huancaine noodles
  • Aguadito
  • Doña Pepa nougat
  • Purple and quinoa porridge
  • purple corn chicha

What are the search engine recipes for?

myperuvianfood contains a recipe book with more than 100 formulas distributed according to the type of dish or drink to consign. This with the purpose of publicizing the wonder of Peruvian cuisine, its delicacy, flavor, consistency, aroma and texture, which offers locals and visitors the opportunity to explore its history and tradition in a single presentation.

Likewise, this is a website whose objective is to allow each researcher prepare various dishes in the comfort of wherever you are, with the simplest and most delicious ingredients and in the amount that you want, so that it is not necessary to go to a restaurant and cancel high costs for such symbolic and humble dishes that the city of Peru provides.

In the same way, it is a medium that throws all its visitors, super easy recipes that with which not you need to be the most experienced chef to reproduce them. The only thing that is necessary begins with a good interpretation and concentration when cooking, all the ingredients and a good attitude when starting.

Contact methods

In case there is a desire to establish any contact with the platform, myperuvianfood has a simple and comfortable means of contact so that you express your doubts, problems or wishes to the supervisors and managers of the web, which in a certain period of time will respond to your request or prerogative so that your stay and needs are resolved.

This medium is presented as a form which is structured as follows:

  • Name: This data is necessary to give you a identity to the owner of the request, as will be the mandatory requirement to refer to the person in case of response or calls for attention
  • e-mail electronic: The owners of the page they will send the answers to your email, that's why this address is important
  • Subject: This is the place where you will be assigned a subject or argument to the message. It has little space so the description must be short and precise
  • Message: In this space you can report any inconvenience or need for which you need to interfere. has a Large space where you can express with comfort and freedom everything that afflicts us. But nevertheless, it is recommended to be specific and detailed in the problem or question